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Patanjali Products

Solar PV Panel

Patanjali Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd is entered in Solar PV Module manufacturing with huge capacity to fulfill our customers demand at its plant in Greater Noida; enabling us to deliver high-quality affordable solar products to our customers. Our high-grade automated production facility offers mono & poly crystalline PV Modules ranging from 5Wp to 340Wp for various on-grid and off-grid applications across India and exported globally.

Our solar modules can be installed in locations that have extreme weather conditions. Our solutions are built to perform, irrespective of the location and weather, through a range of design and functional innovations. Our modules are having features as below.

Greater Low light Performance
Longer Product Life
No Moisture Entry
Higher efficiency and optimized power output.

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Solar Module 05-20wp Solar Module 40-75wp Solar Module 100-220wp Solar Module 260-275wp Solar Module 300-350wp

Solar Inverter

SHAKTIMAAN is a state of art PCU product from PATANJALI product basket with Global standards. This unit will give operational flexibility to its customers to enjoy the benefits of advanced monitoring and control features. Grid power in Indian subcontinent frequently suffers from voltage &/or frequency variations, Grid outages, voltage sag/ surges which inhibits users from enjoying benefits of solar grid tied systems.

SHAKTIMAAN SERIES has evolved to overcome the limitations and give maximum possible yield to its users using DSP based advance control and monitoring features.

SHAKTIMAAN product range aims to cater roof top requirement for commercial, Individual and utility scale solar plant requirements with 1Phase grid export + battery backup feature.

SHAKTIMAAN range of products are ideal for projects ranging from 1KWp to 10KWp array installations-1Phase applications. SUN MAGIC product, packaged with optional data monitoring software, GSM based wireless monitoring provides perfect solution for power plant management large scale.

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Solar Street Light

Under the initiative of MAKE IN INDIA Patanjali renewable introduce one more renewable energy product, Solar Street light. It is having unique feature and robust design (ALL IN ONE) and high reliability according to the Indian condition. It’s powered by high efficiency Patanjali solar PV module. It is having very compact, module and ALL IN ONE design. Its unique feature of panel adjustment acc to the location make it more efficient.

Silent Feature:
Ready to use
Very easy to install
Maintenance free
RMU facility
Charges battery in cloudy days
Remote monitoring unit

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Solar Water Pump

Patanjali has took the MAKE IN INDIA initiative for rural India by introducing their water pumping solution (Patanjali-GANGA SOLAR WATER PUMP) which is driven by solar renewable energy, this technology is not dependent on diesel or any kind of fuel. With this technology we can save approx. 1Ton of CO2 emission per HP annually. This system does not require grid power, only solar power is required. Patanjali is making solar module to their own to give more water discharge in comparison to other leading companies

Many times, it happens at the time of irrigation necessity due to grid voltage variation, motors get burnt. Our technology prevents the damage of motor and our pumping system is maintenance free, if required we provide remote access with minimum down time.

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Solar Hybrid Battery

Every kind of battery is designed on the basis of its application. For example- Solar batteries need to withstand partial state of charge, keeping in mind the irregularities of direct sunlight. Therefore, utmost care is taken to avoid degradation of batteries. Likewise, automotive batteries are made to withstand rigorous vibrations. While ensuring that Rickshaw batteries have more charging efficiency. Patanjali batteries are optimally balanced in duration of backup and cycle of life.

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Automotive Battery Solar Battery Rikshaw Battery