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Solar Power Plant Installation


Solar Power Plants built on the Ground which differ from the Roofs of Houses as they require to go through feasibility, environmental assessment, grid connection, siting etc. Gorakshasidhi, being an ISO 9001:2008 certified entity, we manufacture, provide and supply Solar Power Plant to our clients.

This solar plant is installed in various schools, hospitals, guest houses, kitchen services, and housing complexes. Industries that fall in small-scale category prefer using the power efficient and zero maintenance solar plant system.

Gorakshasidhi holds a strong hand on supplying the Solar Power Plant to the customers with the features like High Technology, Easy to handle & Low maintenance. Based on the customer’s locality, we design and supply the product -
Domestic Systems: 0.5 kW to 6KW Off Grid Systems
Industrial Systems:7kW to 500 kW On Grid Systems

Gorakshasidhi team implements the following steps while building a Solar Power Plant

1) Site Identification – Identifying a Suitable Site for Building the Solar Plant is must. Our team always take a complete note of the Area before installing any solar power plant.

2) Preliminary Financial Analysis – Preliminary Financial Feasibility is also a mandatory task before doing the solar power plant installation. Our expert team identifies the inputs like the Land Costs, Solar Insolation, Interconnection possibility with the Power Grid Operator.

3) Basic Engineering Design/Technology Selection – An Engineering Layout is prepared along with the Selection of the Technology and Vendors of Solar Equipment.

4) Power Purchase Agreement – A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) needs to be signed with the Power Utility who will buy the Electricity.

5) Testing and Connection to Grid – After the Solar Plants is built, Testing of the Plant has to be done before it is connected to the Power Grid.

6) Ongoing Maintenance – A Solar Plant has a life of between 25-30 years and requires minimal maintenance and monitoring. Gorakshasidhi takes care of complete maintenance at customer site. Our professionals make use of up to date technology in providing Solar System Installation Service. We ensure timely delivery and our service is highly reliable and is cost effective.

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